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Torah Blogs

Here are 60 Best Torah Blogs you should follow in 2024

1. My Jewish Learning

My Jewish Learning The blog on My Jewish Learning offers a wide range of content covering Jewish practices, beliefs, culture, and current events. It features articles on Jewish holidays, rituals, recipes, and personal stories, as well as educational resources on Torah study, Jewish history, and modern Jewish life. The blog aims to provide comprehensive and accessible information to help readers deepen their understanding and connection to Judaism.
Blog myjewishlearning.com
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2. The Rabbi Sacks Legacy

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy The blog on Rabbi Sacks' official website offers a wealth of resources, including essays, articles, videos, and podcasts, reflecting his profound insights on Jewish thought, ethics, and Torah teachings. It serves as an educational hub for exploring Rabbi Sacks' legacy, featuring his commentaries on weekly Torah portions, reflections on Jewish festivals, and discussions on contemporary issues. The blog also includes personal reflections, tributes, and educational materials for various audiences.
Blog rabbisacks.org
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3. Daas Torah

Daas Torah Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity is a blog dedicated to exploring various aspects of Jewish law, philosophy, and contemporary issues affecting the Jewish community. It features articles, commentaries, and discussions on religious texts, current events, and community matters. The blog is a resource for those seeking insight and guidance on maintaining Jewish identity and values in modern times.
Blog daattorah.blogspot.com
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4. Chabad

Chabad The blog on Chabad.org serves as a comprehensive resource for Jewish learning, practice, and community engagement. It features a wide range of content, including articles on Torah study, Jewish holidays, mitzvahs, and traditions, as well as advice on daily Jewish living. The blog also includes inspiring stories, educational videos, and practical guides, aimed at enriching the spiritual and practical aspects of Jewish life.
Blog chabad.org
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5. Shirat Devorah

Shirat Devorah 'Shirat Devorah' is a blog by Devorah, focusing on Jewish mysticism, Torah insights, and end-time prophecies. Devorah shares deep spiritual reflections and interpretations of current events through the lens of Jewish teachings. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including astrology, ethics, and significant Jewish holidays. With a commitment to exploring profound themes, Devorah provides readers with thoughtful and engaging content that connects ancient wisdom to contemporary issues.
Blog shiratdevorah.blogspot.com
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6. Velveteen Rabbi Blog » Torah

Velveteen Rabbi Blog » Torah The Velveteen Rabbi blog offers insightful Torah commentaries and reflections, blending ancient Jewish teachings with contemporary issues. Authored by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, the blog includes weekly Torah portion analyses, holiday reflections, and discussions on spirituality and ethics. The content is deeply personal and accessible, making Jewish wisdom relevant to modern readers through thoughtful and engaging writing.
Blog velveteenrabbi.blogs.com
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7. Torah Musings

Torah Musings Torah Musings, formerly known as Hirhurim, is a prominent blog dedicated to Orthodox Jewish scholarship, providing a platform for sophisticated textual studies, news, and commentary. Founded and edited by Rabbi Gil Student, a leading figure in Orthodox Jewish thought, the site emphasizes intellectual openness and halakhic conservatism. Notable contributors include Rabbi Basil Herring and Rabbi Moshe Schapiro. The blog aims to foster thoughtful dialogue and diverse perspectives within the Orthodox community, featuring sections like the Journal, Magazine, and The Blatt.
Blog torahmusings.com
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8. The Lehrhaus

The Lehrhaus The Lehrhaus blog is a platform dedicated to fostering deep and engaging discussions on Jewish scholarship, culture, and contemporary issues. It features essays, articles, and reflections from a diverse range of contributors, exploring topics such as Torah study, Jewish thought, holidays, and modern Jewish life. The blog aims to provide a forum for thoughtful analysis and dialogue, connecting readers with a rich tapestry of Jewish ideas and experiences.
Blog thelehrhaus.com
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9. Cross-Currents

Cross-Currents Cross-Currents is a thought-provoking journal featuring reflections from Orthodox Jewish writers on contemporary issues and timeless Torah thought. Founded by Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein and developed online by Rabbi Yaakov Menken, the blog promotes diverse perspectives within Orthodox Judaism. Contributors include notable figures such as Avi Shafran, Avrohom Gordimer, and Jonathan Rosenblum, who engage in respectful debate and self-critique. Cross-Currents aims to dispel stereotypes and provide an authentic view of Orthodox Jewish life, making it a valuable resource for both Jews and non-Jews.
Blog cross-currents.com
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10. OU Torah

OU Torah The OU Torah website is a comprehensive resource for Torah study, offering a wide range of materials including daily study programs, in-depth shiurim (lessons), and insightful articles on various aspects of Jewish learning. It covers topics such as Gemara, Halacha, Parsha, Machshava, and more, featuring contributions from renowned rabbis and scholars. The site aims to make Torah study accessible and engaging for all, providing resources suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.
Blog outorah.org
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11. Valley Torah High School

Valley Torah High School The blog on Valley Torah High School's website keeps the school community and alumni updated with the latest news, events, and achievements. It features posts about fundraising campaigns, student stories, and significant milestones within the school. The blog highlights community events, educational insights, and important messages from the school's leadership, fostering a strong connection among current students, parents, and alumni.
Blog vths.org
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12. Emes Ve-Emunah

Emes Ve-Emunah Emes Ve-Emunah authored by Harry Maryles, is a blog that delves into Orthodox Jewish thought, Halacha, Hashkafa, and contemporary issues. With a background in Jewish education and communal involvement, Maryles offers insightful commentary on religious and sociopolitical matters. The blog is recognized for its deep analysis and engaging discussions, often featuring guest contributors who add diverse perspectives. Known for its thought-provoking and sometimes controversial content, 'Emes Ve-Emunah' serves as a significant platform for exploring the complexities of Jewish faith and modern challenges.
Blog haemtza.blogspot.com
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13. WebYeshiva Blog

WebYeshiva Blog The WebYeshiva blog, part of WebYeshiva.org founded by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, offers a range of articles on Torah study and Jewish education. WebYeshiva.org is a pioneering online platform providing interactive Torah classes to a global audience, under the direction of Rabbi Jeffrey Saks. The blog features insights from various educators, enhancing Jewish learning with engaging and accessible content.
Blog webyeshiva.org
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14. Rabbi Avi Shafran

Rabbi Avi Shafran The blog on Rabbi Avi Shafran's official site features reflections on Jewish life, media, and various contemporary issues. Rabbi Shafran, a seasoned writer and public affairs director for Agudath Israel of America, brings his experience as a former educator to his writings. His columns have appeared in numerous prestigious publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. The blog provides thoughtful perspectives on Judaism and societal matters.
Blog rabbiavishafran.com
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15. Beyond BT

Beyond BT Beyond BT is a blog dedicated to supporting Baalei Teshuva (BTs), Jews who have returned to religious observance. Founded by Mark Frankel, the blog serves as a platform for sharing experiences, challenges, and inspiration. Notable contributors include Kressel Housman, who has written extensively about her journey and integration into the frum (observant) community. The blog features a variety of voices, including Rabbi Yitz Greenman, who offers guidance on maintaining a religious lifestyle. Beyond BT provides a supportive community for those navigating the complexities of returning to traditional Jewish practices?
Blog beyondbt.com
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16. Talmudology

Talmudology Talmudology, authored by Dr. Jeremy Brown, explores the intersections between Talmudic texts and modern science. Dr. Brown, a physician and scholar, shares his insights on how ancient Jewish teachings relate to contemporary scientific understanding. His blog includes discussions on various scientific topics found in the Talmud, enhancing the study of Daf Yomi with scientific context. Talmudology also features essays, lectures, and book reviews, making it a unique resource for those interested in both Talmudic scholarship and scientific inquiry. Dr. Brown's work has been featured in prestigious forums, reflecting his expertise and passion for this niche field.
Blog talmudology.com
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17. Sinai Temple » A Bisl Torah

Sinai Temple » A Bisl Torah The 'A Bisl Torah' blog from Sinai Temple features thought-provoking reflections and insights by Rabbi Nicole Guzik. It covers a wide range of topics related to Jewish life, ethics, and spirituality, offering readers a blend of personal anecdotes, scriptural interpretations, and contemporary relevance. This blog is designed to inspire and connect readers with their faith through meaningful discussions and introspective questions.
Blog sinaitemple.org
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18. Torah Tutors Blog

Torah Tutors Blog The blog on Torah Tutors provides engaging content focused on individualized Torah study and Jewish education. It features posts celebrating significant days like Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Day, updates on service issues, educational tidbits related to Jewish holidays and history, and personal milestones within the community. The blog offers insights and resources aimed at enhancing the learning experience for both children and adults.
Blog torahtutors.org
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19. Kotzk Blog

Kotzk Blog The Kotzk Blog, authored by Rabbi Gavin Michal, delves into the teachings and philosophies inspired by the Rebbe of Kotzk, emphasizing uncompromising truth and intellectual independence. Rabbi Michal's essays reflect the deep, often unconventional insights of Kotzk philosophy, challenging mainstream religious thought. The blog is a rich resource for those seeking a profound understanding of Jewish mysticism and thought.
Blog kotzkblog.com
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20. Rabbi Pruzansky's Blog

Rabbi Pruzansky's Blog Rabbi Steven Pruzansky's blog offers insights on Jewish law, ethics, and contemporary issues from a Torah perspective. Rabbi Pruzansky, a seasoned rabbi and attorney, shares his views on various subjects, often relating to current events and societal trends through the lens of Jewish tradition. The blog features thoughtful commentary and is a platform for engaging with complex moral and religious questions, providing readers with deep, reflective content that bridges ancient wisdom and modern life.
Blog rabbipruzansky.com
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21. Aspaqlaria

Aspaqlaria Aspaqlaria is a blog created by Rabbi Micha Berger, dedicated to exploring Jewish thought, Mussar, and the depth of prayer. Rabbi Berger, a student of Rav Dovid Lifshitz, established The AishDas Society to blend inspirational faith with rigorous halachic observance. With a background in computer programming, he facilitates both in-person and online community engagement. Rabbi Berger regularly teaches and writes about Jewish values and has been featured in various Jewish publications, making Aspaqlaria a rich resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of Judaism.
Blog aspaqlaria.aishdas.org
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22. Torah Live Blog

Torah Live Blog Torah Live,' founded by Rabbi Dan Roth, is a blog that makes Torah learning engaging and accessible through dynamic videos and articles. The blog covers a range of topics, including mitzvot, Jewish values, and educational tools for both home and classroom use. The team, led by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits as President and Halachic Authority, comprises educators, scriptwriters, and production experts. Torah Live aims to inspire a love for Torah and mitzvot among all ages, using innovative multimedia approaches.
Blog torahlive.com
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23. RabbiKaganoff

RabbiKaganoff RabbiKaganoff.com is a comprehensive blog by Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff, a distinguished posek and rabbinic scholar. With a background in Talmudic law and decades of rabbinic leadership, Rabbi Kaganoff addresses a wide range of halachic questions and Jewish topics. He served communities in Buffalo and Baltimore before making aliyah to Jerusalem. The blog features his scholarly articles, responses to halachic inquiries, and insights into Jewish life. Rabbi Kaganoff is also the author of seven books and continues to provide guidance to Jews worldwide.
Blog rabbikaganoff.com
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24. Temple Beth Ami Torah Blog

Temple Beth Ami Torah Blog The 'Torah Blog' by Temple Beth Ami offers thoughtful insights and interpretations of weekly Torah portions, written by various contributors including the temple's clergy. Rabbi Gary Pokras, Rabbi Baht Weiss, and Rabbi Jack Luxemburg, along with guest bloggers, share reflections and teachings aimed at deepening the community's understanding and connection to Jewish texts. This blog serves as an educational and spiritual resource, fostering engagement and learning within the Temple Beth Ami community.
Blog bethami.org
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25. Torah In Motion Blog

Torah In Motion Blog The Torah in Motion blog offers a wide array of discussions and reflections on Jewish thought, law, and practice. It features Divrei Torah, including weekly Torah portion insights, holiday thoughts, and Daf Yomi reflections. Contributors provide thoughtful commentary on various aspects of Judaism, making complex topics accessible to a broad audience. The blog serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of Jewish teachings and their application in contemporary life.
Blog torahinmotion.org
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26. Center for Modern Torah Leadership

Center for Modern Torah Leadership The Book of Doctrines and Opinions,' hosted by Alan Brill, is a blog that explores modern Torah leadership and Jewish thought. Alan Brill, a renowned Jewish theologian and professor at Seton Hall University, provides insightful commentary on Jewish spirituality, theology, and the interactions between Judaism and other religions. The blog features his research, essays, and interviews with other scholars, making it a rich resource for those interested in contemporary Jewish issues and interfaith dialogue.
Blog moderntoraleadership.wordpress.com
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27. Beis Vaad L'Chachamim

Beis Vaad L'Chachamim Beis Vaad L'Chachamim is a blog by Eliezer Eisenberg, dedicated to sharing profound and thought-provoking Divrei Torah. Established in September 2006, the blog delves into various aspects of Jewish law, philosophy, and tradition, encouraging readers to engage deeply with the texts. Eisenberg's insights and interpretations offer a rich resource for students and scholars alike, making the blog a cornerstone for those seeking to enhance their understanding of Torah.
Blog beisvaad.blogspot.com
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28. GrowTorah Blog

GrowTorah Blog The GrowTorah blog, 'From The Soil,' offers a blend of educational insights and practical activities centered on environmental stewardship and Torah values. It features articles on gardening projects, community initiatives, and lessons derived from Jewish teachings, aimed at fostering a connection between nature and spirituality. The blog highlights various school and community garden programs, providing updates and success stories that inspire sustainable living and environmental awareness within a Jewish framework.
Blog growtorah.org
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29. Hadar Institute Blog

Hadar Institute Blog The Hadar Institute blog provides a wealth of resources and articles focusing on Jewish learning, community building, and contemporary issues from a Jewish perspective. It features weekly Torah insights, reflections on Jewish holidays, and discussions on various theological and ethical topics. The blog also highlights news about Hadar's programs and initiatives, offering readers deep, reflective content to engage with Jewish teachings and practices.
Blog hadar.org
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30. Embodied Torah

Embodied Torah Embodied Torah,' authored by Rabbi David J.B. Krishef, explores the application of Torah principles to everyday life. Rabbi Krishef, who also writes the 'Ethics and Religion Talk' column for The Rapidian, engages a multi-faith panel to discuss ethical questions. The blog delves into various aspects of Jewish living, offering reflections and practical insights. Rabbi Krishef's approach connects spiritual teachings with modern ethical dilemmas, fostering a deeper understanding of how Torah can guide contemporary life?
Blog embodiedtorah.com
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Meredith Lewis Authormyjewishlearning.com
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Authorrabbisacks.org@rabbisacks66.4K
Daniel Eidensohn Authordaattorah.blogspot.com@daastorah367
Rabbi Rachel Barenblat Authorvelveteenrabbi.blogs.com/blog/torah@velveteenrabbi6.6K
Gil Student Publisher and Editor-in-Chieftorahmusings.com@gilstudent6.8K
Yisroel Ben-porat Managing Editorthelehrhaus.com@yisroelbp58
Yosef Lindell Lawyer, Authorthelehrhaus.com@yoseflindell178
Harry Maryles Authorhaemtza.blogspot.com
Rabbi Pruzansky Authorrabbipruzansky.com
Micha Berger Authoraspaqlaria.aishdas.org@aishdas201
Rabbi Dan Roth Foundertorahlive.com/blog@rabbidanroth449
Debbie Ezrin Executive Directorbethami.org/torah-blog
Ilana Kelman Foundertorahinmotion.org/discussions-and-blogs
Harry Maryles Authordorfberger.blogspot.com
Pnina Baumgarten Chief Copy Editorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@pninab156
Ricky Ben-david News Editorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@rbendavid1.1K
Lazar Berman Authorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@lazar_berman1.7K
Amanda Borschel-dan Deputy Editorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@amandabdan2.8K
Joshua Davidovich Deputy Editorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@josh_davidovich3.8K
Emanuel Fabian Military Correspondentblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@manniefabian32.7K
Judah Ari Gross Authorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@judaharigross11.1K
Miriam Herschlag Blogs Editorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@miriamherschlag465
David Horovitz Founding Editorblogs.timesofisrael.com/topic/torah@davidhorovitz25.6K
Hirshel Tzig Authortheantitzemach.blogspot.com@hirsheltzig1.3K
Alan Brill Authorkavvanah.blog@kavvanah
Tzvee Zahavy Authortzvee.blogspot.com@tzvee139
David Paskin Authortorahtechguy.com/blog@rabbidavidp767
Rabbi Ari Enkin Authortorahbookreviews.blogspot.com
Irwin Keller Authorirwinkeller.com/itzikswell/category/Torah+Talk@irwinekeller125
Rabbi Levi Levitin Contributortorahinten.org
Zev Levi Contributortimesofisrael.com
Moshe Kurtz Contributorthelehrhaus.com
John L. Rosove Contributortimesofisrael.com
asass Contributormyjewishlearning.com
Rabbi Avi Shafran Contributorrabbiavishafran.com
Talmudology Contributortalmudology.com
Avi Shafran Contributorcross-currents.com
CBL Contributorrabbikaganoff.com
vths Contributorvths.org
Robert Lichtman Contributortimesofisrael.com
Rachel Barenblat Contributorblogs.com
Melanie Levav Contributortimesofisrael.com
Rabbi Dr. Stuart Fischman Contributorwebyeshiva.org
Jonathan Sacks Contributortimesofisrael.com
Israel Drazin Contributortimesofisrael.com
Shlomo Ezagui Contributortimesofisrael.com
Sarah Rudolph Contributortorahtutors.org
Sruli Fruchter Contributortimesofisrael.com
Edan Cielo Green Contributortimesofisrael.com
Shelli Aderman Contributormyjewishlearning.com
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